About Greenhanddryers.com


Our mission at GreenHandDryers.com is not only to bring our customers the best possible product, but also help reduce the effects of global warming. Generally, hand dryers have been known to be a high-return investment. With the slightly higher initial cost, hand dryers would help reduce waste ,maintainance, and paper towel costs.


Why Bother With Hand Dryers?

Even though the average consumer might be frustrated by old hand dryers, today hand dryers are quick, efficient, and even fun. From a sample survey taken in the Toronto region, 87% of those questioned do not mind using efficient hand dryers over their paper towel counterparts. Studies also show that significant percentage of customers will recognize businesses who install hand dryers as green-minded, which positively affects their perception of sGreenHandDryers.Comuch businesses. However, the bottom line is money. How will you as a business decrease expenses and increase net income. Hand dryers are known to require a substantial investment to both purchase and install - this is correct for the short term. Nonetheless, hand dryers have been proven to cover their own costs and begin saving businesses money in the long run, breakeven points occurring on different time intervals depending on model purchased. Lastly, green hand dryers are known to use only a fraction of energy when compared to paper towels, which require cutting down of trees, processing, transportation and final disposal. To conclude, purchasing hand dryers is a triple win-win solution for customers, businesses and Mother Nature.

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